Scaling Sales for Course Creators

Turning expertise into profitable online business.

Here's how we do it...

1. Validate Your Idea

Discover how to ask the right questions to the right people, to find out if your product will sell at scale.

2. Build Your Offer

Create the most basic version of your product, and pitch it to existing audiences, without feeling "salesy"

3. Get Your First Customers

Use outreach & partners to reach your early audience, build your prospect list and make your first sales, in days, not weeks.

4. Deliver With Excellence 

Once you get your first customers, it's the results they get that will drive your business more than anything. We show you how to deliver a program that will get results, testimonials and referals, at scale.

5. Scale your sales

Time to ramp up your own efforts on social media, ads, and handle it all with automated funnels to get your offer seen by more people.

Jonathan Levi - CEO - SuperHuman Enterprises

“Stephen instigated an entirely new customer journey, centred around a webinar, that was responsible for huge growth of the premium Masterclass product.
Over the course of the project, sales went from around $7k per month to over $179k at their peak. More than $3 million in total.”

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