Agency Case Study: Emerging Communications

Moving a profitable seminar programme online

When lockdown hit the UK, this fast-growing consultancy had to pivot away from the live workshops and seminars that they had used to grow the business, and introduce a new online funnel that could track prospects from first contact to sale.

The Conversion Co. were there to help.

The Background

Emerging Communications are a London-based consultancy, helping UK brands promote themselves in China.

They had grown rapidly to £3m turnover, using high-value workshops and seminars as an important part of their marketing strategy.

The Problem

The business has built a reputation for high-value marketing content, centred around live workshops and seminars run at The Shard in London.

This came to an abrupt halt in March 2020 with the introduction of lockdown measures.

The Conversion Co. was brought in to help the business develop an online alternative.

The Strategy

We guided the agency through a strategic review to make sure they were:

  1. Pursuing the markets with the best chance of survival.

  2. Making offers with high margin and the ability to productise the service.

  3. Using as much of their existing resource as possible, and minimising new investments.

At the end of this we created offers for 3 high value sectors that we could sell via webinars.

This capitalised on the high value reputation they had already gained, and meant that the same offer could be presented to dozens of prospects in a short space of time.

The Actions

To make the biggest sales impact, we started the process from the bottom of the funnel. 

First we worked on converting existing hot leads.

Then we worked upwards to convert warm prospects.

Finally, we brought more strategic direction to their content marketing. This pulled new prospects into the funnel, and helped them understand the agency's abilities.

Closing Sales

We introduced a CRM tool to get sales out of people's email boxes and into a single view where they wouldn't be missed.

Some immediate wins came from deals that had simply been forgotten and allowed to go almost cold.

Opening New Sales Conversations

We created a webinar presentation that led into an offer that we knew would appeal to new customers and be easy to buy.

We invited existing prospects to the live event, then created an "evergreen" webinar that we could use to identify hot new leads.

Building The Prospect Pool

We introduced data-capture opportunities across the website to build the email list and crucially, tied it to the same sales CRM tool so data wouldn't get "lost down the cracks".

New prospects were offered high-value reports, then invited into the webinar program.

Creating Content With A Compass

Although the consultancy has an excellent PR capability, much of the content had nowhere to lead to.

We created a content strategy that led from key industry publications to the website, and into the funnel, in as few steps as possible.

The Results

The first webinar brought in over 20 brand new, senior-level leads from businesses in regions who would never normally have attended one of the agency's events.

They closed 3 deals in the same afternoon, with far less work needed to scope and price custom work.

The team are now working on new offers for the other target markets that we identified in the strategy review.