SaaS Marketing Case Study: inQuizitive

Creating early traction with tighter positioning



As a new entrant into the busy lead-generation tools marketplace, inQuizitive needed to carve out a niche for itself.

We helped them to discover, not guess, a position that set them apart in a meaningful way.

The Background

inQuizitive create lead-generation quizzes to gather data on prospects for sales teams in coaching and consulting businesses.

We met them when they were at early MVP stage with a couple of demonstration quizzes and a small number of clients trialling the service.

We could see that the product had potential, but the costs of educating clients on its benefits were too costly for the typical sale price

The Challenge

We needed an effective way to communicate the benefits of the tool, and how inQuizitive is different from other cheaper options in the market.

Our goal was to increase the number of trials of the product, whilst maintaining the price premium over other tools.

The Strategy Development

inQuizitive are still in an early growth stage, driven by outreach and networking.

Communicating the value proposition to cold prospects is a priority at this stage, so we helped the business discover a number of propositions that they could test:

  • In outreach emails
  • On the site homepage
  • In demonstration scripts.

To uncover these we ran a series of customer discovery calls with early clients, trialists who hadn't gone ahead, and some competitor customers.

This gave us some significant, and meaningful points of differebnce against the competition, and some pain points of the target buyers that inQuizitive hadn't thought of.

The Implementation

We developed landing pages for two key personas that we knew from outreach efforts were responsive to different messages. These were targeted in outreach emails and retargeting ads.

We also split-tested the messages in outreach emails, and on a few social posts to see which ones got prospects' attention and follow-through to booking demos.

We created a follow-up campaign for demo enquiries to make sure no leads slipped through the net, and developed a content roadmap to begin an inbound and SEO strategy.

The Results

The initial results have been very positive.

The ratio of outreach to demo prospects has gone up by over 30% with the new positioning helping with both targeting and communication of the offer

inQuizitive has signed up two national coaching businesses to use the tool as part of their lead generation efforts.

We are now developing a more pro-active inbound content strategy around the challenges that they know their market face. This will be supported by paid ads and the launch of a partnership campaign with some lead-generation agencies who have shown interest.